• If I am an existing customer, how do I login?

    Your "Username" is your KSA Account Number, and your "Password" is your billing zip code. For security purposes you can edit your password in "My Account" once you have logged in.

  • I have a retail business and would like to speak to a KSA salesperson directly to place an order. How can I contact them directly?

    Please email info@kurtadler.com; write your store name, address, email address and phone number and a salesperson will follow up with you to create an account and place an order.

  • I do not have a retail business; can I still order from Kurt S. Adler?

    Kurt S. Adler does not sell directly to consumers. Please use our Find a retailer option to locate a retailer in your area that may have the product you wish to purchase in stock.

  • What is the minimum dollar amount for orders?

    Minimum dollar amount for the first order each calendar year is $500.00; please note there is a separate minimum order requirement for Jacqueline Kent jewelry.

    Minimum dollar amount for re-orders is $150.00.

  • What is the minimum dollar amount for Jacqueline Kent jewelry orders?

    There is no minimum dollar amount for Jacqueline Kent jewelry. 

  • I am a new business and I do not have any business references, can I still apply for a Wholesale Account?

    Yes, for further instructions on how to apply for a Wholesale Account without Business References please email info@kurtadler.com