Greetings from Kurt Adler,

You may know us as a Christmas decoration company, but we recently came across an item that will be the perfect addition to any festivity: it’s called Twinkly. Twinkly is a smart decoration. Specifically, smart decorative lighting that can be used indoors and outdoors.

So, let’s say you are decorating for Halloween night, but a few days later you’re planning on throwing a party for a football game and want to decorate using your favorite team’s colors—no problem! With the Twinkly light set, the same lights you used for your Halloween spooks and scares can be used to illuminate the colors of your favorite football team, with no additional charge, lights, or installation.

How it works

Twinkly allows users to customize the colors, patterns and designs on a strand of 105 LED lights from their IOS and Android smart devices. Upon purchasing Twinkly, users download the Twinkly app which allows you to connect to your light set and control it in real time. Whether it be finding the right colors, animation, designs or all three, you are easily able to manage these settings with an interactive screen. The Twinkly app development team is constantly updating the app to ensure customer satisfaction along with adding new design and animation templates for your unique lighting set-up. 

What if my Wi-Fi connection is not working? Will my lights go out?

Twinkly comes with a built in Wi-Fi signal that users connect to with their smart devices. This way you need not worry about whether your signal is strong or if the connection in your area fluctuates—Twinkly will stay on. Additionally, once you have saved your design to your light set, you do not have to be “in range” of your lights to keep them on—they will remain on no matter where you go.

Great for:

The applications for Twinkly light sets are endless. If you want to decorate for any type of party (prom, wedding, office, holidays, super bowl, restaurant/bar etc.) Twinkly offers an affordable, easy, and creative way to do so. Here is a quick video on Twinkly.