# ES1967

Steinbach’s Christmas Legends Series is inspired by Santa Claus figures from around the world, each with his own rich and distinct history and appearance. The 24th nutcracker in this beloved series is the musical Irish nutcracker. This 17-inch nutcracker is wearing a traditional bagpiping uniform complete with a dark green jacket with gold accents, a matching hat, and a navy blue and green kilt. Intricate details such as a classic sporran on the front and a plaid over his shoulder. staff and a small stack of wrapped presents. To complete his look, he is holding a classic bagpipe and has a bucket full of gold coins at his feet. When wound, this musical piece plays the tune "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" Like all Steinbach creations, he is crafted in Germany with the finest attention to detail.

  • Steinbach Musical Irish Santa Nutcracker
  • Measures 17-inches
  • Part of Steinbach's "Christmas Legends" Series
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Plays the tune "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling"
Item Size: 17-inches
Packaging Type: plain box
Master Carton Dimensions: 27.00L x 23.50W x 10.10H


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